Jun 30 2018


Hey everyone,

Really amazing responses to my new music video so far. My heart is absolutely filled with love and support.

A year ago we lost my Dad, and I didn’t really think about writing anything until the inspiration came to me. I wouldn’t have wanted to force it, and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m proud of this video, and I’m proud to be my Dad’s son.

Let me know what you think.

Available Now on all streaming services.
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/42jVUfWXrFO33ZTZ5tCZBK
Apple Music/Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/play-that-song-again-single/1396015811

Apr 10 2018

BEST MUSIC VIDEO – 16th Independent Music Awards in New York

Just wanted to give you all a little update, I just got back from New York City and I had a BLAST with my homie Ron Tarrant (Lost In Film/Voice of the Howard Stern Show).

Not to mention I WON BEST MUSIC VIDEO at the 16th Annual Independent Music Awards for my stop-motion Lego video of “Untouchable” Ahh I am so thankful and grateful for the recognition and hard work I put into making this Music Video. I honestly never expected all of this, but it feels AMAZING. So Thank YOU ALL for believing in me. SO COOL. Watch the “Untouchable” music video again HERE

Oh look, here’s me with my award!
IMA King Dylan Award

Mar 22 2018

THE HIGHWAY Music Video out now!

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”
- Albert Einstein

Check out the Behind the Music Interview with FYFC Studios

Jan 24 2018

My name is “KING” and I think I’m better than you… clearly

Yesterday, I had another passive aggressive experience regarding the “KING” in my stage name “King Dylan”. Over the years it’s something I’ve dealt with on occasion – whether introducing myself as an artist or people sending me nasty messages – and still have to calm myself down about it afterwards.

I don’t really feel the need to get defensive about it, but just for the record… I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I don’t like to view human character as being a part of a class system. While I acknowledge that people from varied living circumstances DO think differently, I don’t think any individual is less of a human because of it. Everybody’s got problems, while I understand the difference between priviledge and poverty, I’m not going to judge an individual.

So the next time you wanna scoff or turn your nose up at the “King” in my alias, please understand that the name is derived from “being anything you believe you can be” no matter where you come from. NOTHING to do with Absolute Power and Rule over others.

Thanks to everyone for understanding and to those who didn’t need to read this to understand!

Can’t wait to show you the projects i’ve been working on lately!

Nov 26 2017

Playing around with some Guitar…

Was having a solo jam sesh on Thursday night and decided to record this classic. Thanks for watching!

Watch the Original Video Here
BLIND MAN Official Music Video

Listen on Spotify:

Nov 13 2017

MY BIRTHDAY SHOW! @The Rec Room – Calgary

Really appreciating all the love on my new video for Carry On! (Click for link)

This Saturday I’m playing a show for my birthday! The awesome people at The Rec Room decided to host this one for me, so we’re going to celebrate my 35th with a Hippedy Hoppin, Party rockin’ Eargasm of live music. Opening the show will be my boy Zach Taylor, then A.Y.E. and the Extraordinary Gentleman, and finally I’ll be headlining with my band! Yep! 2nd time you get to see me play with a drummer and guitarist with myself on keys!

it’s Free! Show starts at 9pm. CHECK OUT THE FACEBOOK EVENT HERE

Oct 30 2017

“Carry On” Video Release – Friday, November 3rd

Stoked to release this new Video! As silly of a song it can sound like, it actually holds great meaning for me. One has to brush off the bullshit, remove the negativity and carry on. I did that this summer by doing a little travelling here and there. I went to New York to visit my good friend and take a bite out of the Big Apple, and I played a show in Vancouver and took the long way back, shooting parts of the music video along the way! So fun!

Listen to “Carry On” from my Die Tomorrow album on SPOTIFY or APPLE MUSIC or read along with all the wonderful lyrics with my CD

Oct 9 2017

YYC Music Awards + New Music Video??

Life is beautiful so let’s appreciate it! Life is finite, so don’t stop and wonder why you waited!

September was a crazy busy month and I couldn’t have asked for it to be better. I had my cousin visiting from Germany, I had a couple Award shows to attend, I had a good friend’s wedding to go to, and I played a show with my favourite musician friend SEPTEMBRYO in my favourite Dinosaur town – Drumheller!! (Big Thank you to Neighbours Corner Pub for their Amazing Hospitality .. and Donairs!)

I’m happy to say that my good friend Braeden Riehl and I have been putting in some solid work for my next Music Video! Due out… Soon? I’ll let you know!

So I attended the Western Canadian Music Awards at Breakout West 2017 because my video for UNTOUCHABLE was nominated for “Video Director of the Year”, and unfortunately, I didn’t win….

BUT, I also attended the YYC Music Awards and the same video was nominated for Pop Recording of The Year, Rap/Hip Hop Recording of the year, and Music Video of the Year… and I WON TWO of them! Everything but the Rap/Hip Hop Recording (Shout out to my dude SEVEN for his track “Run It (feat. Merkules)” for the win!)

Here’s my Official picture Proof Awards

Thanks again to everyone who believed in me and the wonderful people who put on the Awards Show!

Sep 24 2017


You know those songs that you hear that just somehow resonate immediately? This Kesha song was almost a “Rainbow” in itself, realizing that throughout some of the darkness that I’ve experienced this year, there has been lots of bright, shining colours in my life. My friends and my family have all been there for each other during times of pain and sadness. I’ve really felt the support when people see me mentally and emotionally struggling. My music has taken me to some really cool places this year and I couldn’t be more grateful!

I still have some more videos from my album “Die Tomorrow” coming! I hope this cover can hold you over until then!

I love to sing, rap, and paint. So that’s what I did.

Thank you for sharing!

Jul 28 2017

New Music Video for “Tank Top Jean Shorts”

BAM! It’s here! You might think this is just some simple song about the clothes I casually wear, but it’s actually more about who I am, what I’ve done, and how I fit in. I like to get hype, I like to get nerdy and artsy, I like to rock out and be lyrical, and I like to be comfortable in my own skin and what I’m wearing. I don’t look like your typical rapper and I think that’s okay. I really don’t give a damn if you don’t like my “jorts” or my “muscle shirt”. Haha! This video was fun to make – it started out as a simple “just rap in front of the camera” kinda promo video but I decided to make it something a little more visually unique to match the energy in the song.

Let me know what you think! Please share!

And if you don’t have the album yet…