Feb 4 2017

UNTOUCHABLE – New Single + Video FEB 10.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to or why I haven’t posted in the last three months, I’m pretty excited about my new release coming out THIS FRIDAY – February 10. Conveniently scheduled the same day as the Lego Batman Movie because, of course, my video is a LEGO STOP-MOTION ANIMATION!   WOOOOOO!!!  So excited. The full video will be on Youtube and Facebook, with the single being released on itunes, apple music, Spotify, and all the big ones.

Check out my KING DYLAN FANPAGE to see the video “Untouchable Teaser”

And for anyone in the Calgary area who needs to see me live, I’m opening for Juno-Award winner SHAWN DESMAN at Marquee on Thursday February 16th.  Should be fun!  Click here for TICKETS



Aug 14 2014

Facebook Sucks. But Suicide Sucks more.

I REALLY wanted to gripe about Facebook/the Internet and the way everyone abuses their freedom of expression and opinions about nonsense, using buzzwords to sound like they know what they’re talking about, “15 things you didn’t know about this useless celebrity”, “This idiot got arrested for this stupid shit”, “I’m battling depression – I’m a victim” and trendy links to more bullshit, but instead of ranting I’ll just write about it in this sentence I just finished.

On that note, Depression/Suicide is serious shit. Whether or not it’s a last ditch effort for attention, or simply an escape from the shackles of this MESSED up world, ultimately it’s the end of a life. Which is what crushes everyone who loves that person, regardless of why. Now, I’ve written songs that brush on this topic (”Neck Tie“, “The Good Life“) because admittedly at some points I’ve asked myself “What am I even doing here?” and “What have I ACTUALLY done for this world?”. But there’s usually a sense of Hope or Love that brings me back.

…and Segue… My friend and amazingly talented Photographer Suzanne Sagmeister recently asked me to get involved in a project of hers called “Conspiracy Of Hope” which I didn’t hesitate to hop on board with. Basically the idea is give Hope to people who have been affected by or dealt with Suicide. She is doing a photography project (which I believe I am a part of) and on MONDAY, August 18th, we’ll be recording a song with a bunch of Talented artists/Producers (think “Band-Aid”, We are the World, type thing). I’m really looking forward to that. This whole project is important and wonderfully moving & inspiring.

On a MUCH MUCH MUCH Brighter and unrelated note, I’ve received the Masters back for The DC Show’s Drinkognito album So I will be sending that off to get Manufactured shortly!! Wahoo! Thanks to DJ Nato in Edmonton at Up In Arms Studios for doing that!

GQ and I are also looking forward to the Podcast Interview/Performance with FYFC Lights Out Radio THIS Friday, August 15th. It’s NOT LIVE so go follow their page to be the first to hear it when it’s put up this weekend. Gonna be full of laughs and music!

Well… Here’s a Comic Book Version of the Doomsday Cartel (The DC Show) that I drew one night. DC Show

Aug 8 2014

The DC Show returns with HARDCORE-NESS

What a weird year. My last original song release was “Necktie” in November 2013, and before that, my album in March 2013. Since then I’ve been writing a whOooOole bunch, and while I have written a few King Dylan songs, collaborated with Tupelo Honey’s Dan Davidson and his Production partner Ari Rhodes for a couple more tracks, I’m happy to say my P-RHYME-ARY focus since November has been writing & recording new songs with my best friends from High School: GQ, MC Mossberg, and the infamously absent Buttnz.

DC Show

Yes, That’s right, The original Doomsday Cartel has reunited on some music for the first time since 2006. And Heck, it may even be the last time, but let’s not be too hasty. While there were rumblings of a DC Show reunion since March 2013, even some Live Performances, the New Album entitled DRINKOGNITO! is only just nearing completion and release date now. I’m actually REALLY excited to release it, and I was super thankful to be writing more Energetic, aggressive music, as my Solo stuff I’ve released previously was a little more toned-down and heartfelt. HOORAH FOR HARDCORE RAP! I Shouldn’t need to mention this, but I was happy and proud to Produce the entire album myself, with a little help from some excellent Guitar players and Female Singers. Guest Artists and Musicians include Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members), Erin Porter, Ashla, Myles Olsen (of Penny Fortune), Kyle Heese (of Broken Ride), and Ron Tarrant (of Lost In Film – formerly of Broken Ride)

Look for some Videos soon, and a Fall release date.

Other cool news to report: My Piano Cover for Down With Webster’s “Everybodys Angels” has just surpassed 11,000 views, which makes it my 2nd highest viewed video after the Moves Like Jagr parody. Apparently i have 9Gag, and San Diego Comic-Con to thank for that.

Anyways, More news next time!

Aug 30 2012

90.3 AMP ROCKSTAR $200,000 Contest!

It’s been an exciting summer! After playing a few fun shows with some awesome local Calgary rock bands, I received some of the most exciting news yet!

90.3 AMP RADIO has awarded me with a $10,000 Career Development package and Selected me to compete for another $200,000 on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th! The “AMP ROCKSTAR” event is a live Battle of the Bands sorta thing, and is held at Mount Royal – Wyckham House. I need your attendance to help me win! And if you come, wear your KING DYLAN T-shirt (if you have one! – If you don’t I will have some at the show!) ROCKSTAR Poster GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!

May 31 2011

I Like Nickelback… So what?

I think the video speaks for itself! It comes with a FREE download!

Click HERE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zEb-Qb_Xb4

Live footage is from Swollen Members/Moka Only show May 27, 2011

Nov 4 2010

New Single Release on My Birthday – Nov. 16th!

The day i become one year older, good things will happen.

My new music video and single will be released on itunes on Nov. 16th!

That night, I will be playing a show at RadioPark (2-8989 Macleod Trail SW) here in Calgary to celebrate with my friends Satori Life, Dan Major & Stanton, Suicide Doorz, and Conscience!

Once again, become a fan of KING DYLAN on facebook!

Birthday Show!

If you miss that, Calgary, I’ll be playing a few songs on Nov. 25th @ Vern’s Tavern with The Scale Breakers and 4 billion other local artists…

I can’t wait for my birthday!!

Oct 20 2010

Be more interesting, Dylan!

Okay, i willlll….
But first… Check out my new album cover!

Disheartened Album Cover

King Dylan “I’m So Cool!” T-shirts are now available for sale in my store!! BUY THEM HERE

Hmmmm what else… I like tea and chocolate and stuff.

on Halloween I’m rocking in Cranbrook, BC With Satori Life, Dan Major & Stanton, Sleeping With Tuesday, and DJ Sean!
I think I’m dressing up as Clark Kent, due to my love for Smallville… you think i can pull it off?? Clark Kent

Also, I will be rocking in Edmonton on November 27th at Hooliganz Pub with the largest (pun-intended) fastest-growing Hip Hop group in Canada… The Scale Breakers… Check the FlyerScalebreakers Show

OH YEAH, and for those that missed my All Ages show with Transit, check out the Live Videos HERE … here’s a fun one.

Thanks for reading! and as always, BECOME A FAN OF KING DYLAN ON FACEBOOK!! and if you really like me add me as a friend!! :D

Jun 26 2010

King Dylan LIVE @ The Marquee Room

WHEN: Doors @ 9pm – Saturday, July 17th Show starts @ 10pm
WHERE: The Marquee Room – 612 – 8th Ave SW 2nd Floor (upstairs from the Uptown Theater)
COST: $10 at the Door, $7 in Advance (buy tickets from me kingdylan@pieceoutrecords.com or text “King Dylan Tickets” to 403-383-2434

King Dylan Poster - The Marquee Room

King Dylan Poster - The Marquee Room

Jan 23 2010


If you and your gorgeous self are one of the many users of facebook, (if you’ve heard of it?) like the rest of us addicts, please search “King Dylan” in your facebook page and become a fan! It will keep you closer to all the action, but I’ll try to update this website as much as I can too!

Coming soon: GOOD MAN Music Video! Stay tuned! Directed by Colin Hart of Ihart photos.

I’m so pumped. Also check out my EPK

View King Dylan's Sonicbids EPK
View King Dylan’s EPK


Sep 3 2009


Sing Sing Sing music video off the new Heart Vs. Brain album

Written, Produced, & Performed by: King Dylan
Video Directed by Armand Von Boner (Dylan Ballentine)

If you live in Calgary, don’t forget to come to the CD release party! Info below!