Jun 23 2011

KING DYLAN LIVE – July 8th @ Dicken’s

I’m opening for SonReal on Friday, July 8th @ Dicken’s Pub here in Calgary.

Come Check it out! Send me an email if you want tickets!

SonReal poster

Jun 8 2011

FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD – The DC Show “Smacked By Popular Demand” (2006)

Ahhh. MORE FREE MUSIC. Old School sh** of course.
I Produced/Arranged this entire album. Featuring myself and my two best friends MC Mossberg and Buttnz on vocals. A combination of deadly lyrics and hilarious ridiculousness.

Released in 2006. Slept on. As usual it seems. Get it for free here. If you want a hard copy, come to a show! It’s got pictures and full lyric sheets and shit. Classic. ‘Nuff said.
Click Here for Free DOWNLOAD

ENJOY. HERE is the album cover if you wanna add it to itunes