Jun 18 2013

It’s a Rap! Music Video Shoot for Queen is done!

So, since the shoot for my music video “Queen” wrapped up last night, (Yay!) I figured I would be posting Queen related things from now until the Video release… Don’t forget to phone your local Top 40 Station (in Canada) and request my song “Queen”

Starting with the most obvious (although very much unrelated to my song).. What’s YOUR favourite song by the epic rock band Queen?? Is it Fat Bottom Girls? I want it All? We Are the Champions? Who Wants to Live Forever?? …. This is mine Queen – THE SHOW MUST GO ON (Video)

Shout out to my awesome crew!! Spotlight TV, Taryn, Dylan

Jun 7 2013

“Queen” goes out to Radios across Canada June 10th!

So I’m pretty excited about this.  ”Queen”, the first track on my latest album Looking For The Sun, is getting sent out to Contemporary Hit Radios across CANADA on Monday.  I will be posting a list of the radio stations that have received it as soon as I get it!

I’m also in the process of shooting a music video for it, already shot a few scenes and it’s looking so pro!!  Thanks to Thomas Dudley and Paige Bonnetta from Spotlight TV for helping me out!

King Dylan - Looking For The Sun