Oct 29 2013

Tuna Fish, Candy, Shows, and Neckties.

I love November.

It’s my birthday month, (the 16th) and for the first few days, leftover halloween candy is like half price! I have a sweet tooth, so this pleases me. Caramilk, crispy crunch, and wunderbar, oh my!!

I was buying cans of Tuna for sandwiches and I noticed they had “No Drain” Tuna. Really? so this means that when I open a can of Tuna I don’t have to drain the excess Water out before I continue on with my lunch-making adventure. It’s like 2 bucks more expensive than the regular cans of Tuna. Ummm… This is stupid. Some idiot somewhere was like *picks up phone* “Hey Cloverleaf, The 3 seconds it takes to drain out the water from my Tuna can is FAR to excessive. I could do without that in my life. Can you do something about this?” and some idiot at Cloverleaf was like Our customers are clearly Cats, who don’t like water, and want their fish ASAP.

Sorry Tuna company, I will save my 2 bucks per can and spend 3 seconds draining out water.

But why else do I love November, especially THIS year??

You can come hear my pretty voice perform LIVE on these days in these towns.
Vancouver @ The Railway Club – Saturday, November 9th
Calgary @ Blind Beggar Pub – Saturday, November 16th (My Birthday!!)
Kamloops @ The Lighthouse Cafe – Saturday, November 29th.

ALSO, my new single/Video comes out to itunes and youtube November 4th!

Neck Tie Cover