Aug 26 2014

Best Rap Group EVER… is back

Need I say more? Really?

Stay tuned for more!

Aug 22 2014


Today it is raining. Today I’m putting down the payment on the new DC Show discs and download cards. Today is another day. Today I will smile, laugh, and try to spread it to those who are not.
Today reminds me that I love to live and I am grateful for everything that I have been given – my friends, my family, my talents, my health, my humility for the times I’ve been a jackass and been forgiven, or at least learned my lesson. Today I will be inspired to think clearly, think deeper, and think with balance.

Today, I will make it a great day

Tomorrow will be even better.

After all, it is the weekend.


Aug 14 2014

Facebook Sucks. But Suicide Sucks more.

I REALLY wanted to gripe about Facebook/the Internet and the way everyone abuses their freedom of expression and opinions about nonsense, using buzzwords to sound like they know what they’re talking about, “15 things you didn’t know about this useless celebrity”, “This idiot got arrested for this stupid shit”, “I’m battling depression – I’m a victim” and trendy links to more bullshit, but instead of ranting I’ll just write about it in this sentence I just finished.

On that note, Depression/Suicide is serious shit. Whether or not it’s a last ditch effort for attention, or simply an escape from the shackles of this MESSED up world, ultimately it’s the end of a life. Which is what crushes everyone who loves that person, regardless of why. Now, I’ve written songs that brush on this topic (”Neck Tie“, “The Good Life“) because admittedly at some points I’ve asked myself “What am I even doing here?” and “What have I ACTUALLY done for this world?”. But there’s usually a sense of Hope or Love that brings me back.

…and Segue… My friend and amazingly talented Photographer Suzanne Sagmeister recently asked me to get involved in a project of hers called “Conspiracy Of Hope” which I didn’t hesitate to hop on board with. Basically the idea is give Hope to people who have been affected by or dealt with Suicide. She is doing a photography project (which I believe I am a part of) and on MONDAY, August 18th, we’ll be recording a song with a bunch of Talented artists/Producers (think “Band-Aid”, We are the World, type thing). I’m really looking forward to that. This whole project is important and wonderfully moving & inspiring.

On a MUCH MUCH MUCH Brighter and unrelated note, I’ve received the Masters back for The DC Show’s Drinkognito album So I will be sending that off to get Manufactured shortly!! Wahoo! Thanks to DJ Nato in Edmonton at Up In Arms Studios for doing that!

GQ and I are also looking forward to the Podcast Interview/Performance with FYFC Lights Out Radio THIS Friday, August 15th. It’s NOT LIVE so go follow their page to be the first to hear it when it’s put up this weekend. Gonna be full of laughs and music!

Well… Here’s a Comic Book Version of the Doomsday Cartel (The DC Show) that I drew one night. DC Show

Aug 8 2014

Ice Cube told me to “Turn Off The Radio”

Before he became a Disney Dad, 90’s Gangsta Rap was defined and influenced greatly by the one and only Ice Cube. Through aggression and controversy, Much of his work with NWA and his Solo work is still quoted today, “Fuck tha Police”, “A Bitch is a Bitch”, the deeper-yet-easygoing “Today is A Good Day”, “Check Yo Self” … before you Wriggidy-Wreck yourself (*nudge nudge* Das EFX), but this week I’d like to draw from a track called “Turn Off The Radio”.

A lot of discussion has been going on in the Radio world, specifically Calgary, regarding the format change at AMP Radio. For those that haven’t heard, or noticed, they are playing MORE songs, but at a shortened length using “QuickHitz”. In some cases, they just cut the song short, in others they rearrange the song, so they can still cut the repetitive parts out, but still keep all the “changes” in the song (ie, verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge).

Anyway, Is this actually a bad thing? As a songwriter/song listener, my initial reaction is HECK YES. They are ruining the songs, changing the arrangement, appealing to the short attention span of today’s youth, and making music feel more worthless than it already has become. If it catches on, this will only make pop music attempt to appeal to this Market and write even shorter, more meaningless songs. Sad day.

On the other hand, I don’t give a shit. I NEVER listen to the radio… except when I’m forced. Neither does most of the people I’ve seen talking about it on Facebook, etc. MY songs don’t get played on the Radio. The majority of people get their music from Youtube, when they want it on their ipod they download the full versions from Itunes. I recall someone referencing the movie Demolition Man, where in the Future the Radio’s Popular station only plays Commercial “oldies”. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and given the Market of the Music Industry, It’s not REALLY hurting the musicians. They’ll still get their Royalties (potentially even more) and if the listener actually appreciates the band or the song, they’ll pay for it and download it from itunes or get the CD (I’m old, I know), and then go to the Live show when they come to town (Which I hear is where the real money is still being made).

As a sometimes foul-mouthed Rapper, I’m all too familiar with knowing I have to make “Radio Edits” of songs if I swear, or appealing to a certain standard time-limit of songs. Even Eminem’s 6-minute long “Stan” was shortened for the Music Video 15 years ago, and although it seems kinda lame, it made sense. And knowing that this “shortened” song change is happening, I wouldn’t mind shortening something – if I were to get Radio play – as long as I get to shorten and Edit it MYSELF. A part of the issue I’m feeling from this is because in some cases they are changing the ARRANGEMENT of the song, which to me, is an important part in the songwriting process.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of Hip Hop/Rap shows, and it REALLY kinda gets under my skin when rappers only perform the first or second verse of their song and then “BLAM! BLAM!” the DJ plays a gunshot sound and they move on to the next song. It’s kind of the same thing with Radio, and TOTALLY opposite from Rock bands who Jam out at a Live Show for 6 extra minutes with additional acoustic Breakdowns and Solos in their Epic Masterpiece that’s been overplayed on the Radio 4 billion times.

And those saying it’s the “Younger Generations” fault because they have no attention span? FUuuuuck that, You know you have an ADD friend YOUR AGE who would play songs on the Stereo in your Car and switch it to the next one after the first Chorus. So annoying right? Well now Amp Radio is that Friend.

I’m not usually one to Harp too hard about change in the world, because it happens and sometimes there’s no stopping it, for better or for worse. Maybe it’ll catch on, maybe it won’t, maybe AMP Radio will die just like Much Music and no one will actually care. But I know for a fact Musicians will still be making 3-4 minute long songs, College Radio will still be playing full versions, and Pop Radio will still be super snobby about what they decide to play or not play, and still overplay the shit out of songs 6 months past their shelf-life.

I will still Buy CD’s and download the full songs from Itunes and listen to the songs I Like Front to Back.

So here’s what I think…

“Turn off the Radio! Turn Off That Bullshit”

(Thanks, Mr. Cube).

Ice Cube

Aug 8 2014

The DC Show returns with HARDCORE-NESS

What a weird year. My last original song release was “Necktie” in November 2013, and before that, my album in March 2013. Since then I’ve been writing a whOooOole bunch, and while I have written a few King Dylan songs, collaborated with Tupelo Honey’s Dan Davidson and his Production partner Ari Rhodes for a couple more tracks, I’m happy to say my P-RHYME-ARY focus since November has been writing & recording new songs with my best friends from High School: GQ, MC Mossberg, and the infamously absent Buttnz.

DC Show

Yes, That’s right, The original Doomsday Cartel has reunited on some music for the first time since 2006. And Heck, it may even be the last time, but let’s not be too hasty. While there were rumblings of a DC Show reunion since March 2013, even some Live Performances, the New Album entitled DRINKOGNITO! is only just nearing completion and release date now. I’m actually REALLY excited to release it, and I was super thankful to be writing more Energetic, aggressive music, as my Solo stuff I’ve released previously was a little more toned-down and heartfelt. HOORAH FOR HARDCORE RAP! I Shouldn’t need to mention this, but I was happy and proud to Produce the entire album myself, with a little help from some excellent Guitar players and Female Singers. Guest Artists and Musicians include Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members), Erin Porter, Ashla, Myles Olsen (of Penny Fortune), Kyle Heese (of Broken Ride), and Ron Tarrant (of Lost In Film – formerly of Broken Ride)

Look for some Videos soon, and a Fall release date.

Other cool news to report: My Piano Cover for Down With Webster’s “Everybodys Angels” has just surpassed 11,000 views, which makes it my 2nd highest viewed video after the Moves Like Jagr parody. Apparently i have 9Gag, and San Diego Comic-Con to thank for that.

Anyways, More news next time!