Jul 28 2017

New Music Video for “Tank Top Jean Shorts”

BAM! It’s here! You might think this is just some simple song about the clothes I casually wear, but it’s actually more about who I am, what I’ve done, and how I fit in. I like to get hype, I like to get nerdy and artsy, I like to rock out and be lyrical, and I like to be comfortable in my own skin and what I’m wearing. I don’t look like your typical rapper and I think that’s okay. I really don’t give a damn if you don’t like my “jorts” or my “muscle shirt”. Haha! This video was fun to make – it started out as a simple “just rap in front of the camera” kinda promo video but I decided to make it something a little more visually unique to match the energy in the song.

Let me know what you think! Please share!

And if you don’t have the album yet…




Jul 20 2017

Life Update + VANCOUVER show Friday, August 4th

Getting back into the swing of things… It’s been a crazy past few months to say the least. I had an amazing trip to New York – I had never been before so I did a lot of walking, sightseeing, and eating delicious food. It was so awesome to get away. Thanks a million to my long time/former bandmate/musical collaborator homie Ron Tarrant at SiriusXM for giving me a place to stay and hooking us up with tickets to see our canadian brethren City and Colour live!! Dallas was after my heart that night when he played “What Makes a Man?”.

I still feel like it’s not real, and it likely will never feel real, but on June 27 my dad, the legend, Richard John Roberts, passed away after a short battle with cancer and the toil it took on his body. How I will ever process this, I don’t know. It’s been weird, but also many people have stepped up to be good to me, while others have showed their true selfish colours, when I needed it most. I’m looking forward to taking my Dad on my next adventure… which is…

(psst, before that, if you want to see pictures of the aforementioned events, check out my instagram here –> @therealkingdyl

BUT Vancouver! I’m coming to play around inside you! The Hindenburg with All For The Best, Jaron Chidiac Band, and The Pacific.

Peep the Facebook event for details and Tickets HERE

And also, my album, Die Tomorrow. Got it yet? I’m just going to leave this right here http://kingdylanstuff.bigcartel.com

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