Who are the Top 5 rappers in the World?!

well… of course the answer is
King Dy-Lan, King Dy-Lan, King Dy-Lan, King Dy-Lan, and King Dy-Lan!!! (Audio Proof: How I Got Into Rap ) … (in all honesty, I do have a list of my top 5 of all time, but I’ll list those at the end)

WELL.. Today is the day I change… I realized late last night I was in need to rediscover the confidence that I had when I was a younger musician, a super egotistical rapper (how else would I get the name “King” Dylan), and generally super non-jaded dude.. The optimism somehow got lost along the way, and it becomes difficult to stay strong after years of rejection, not being famous yet, and what have you… Everyone can tell you as many inspirational quotes as they can find on the internet, twitter, and memes with pictures of sunsets, stars or sand with footprints in it… and you can be like “yeah yeah yeah”..

But, until that one single moment of self-realizing idiocy, you won’t change. As far as I’m concerned, it needs to be a rude awakening where someone calls you out on it, or you just finally catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and it scares you so much you fuckin jump out of your skin.

Can I point to something specific that has led me to this moment? Not entirely, it’s definitely a combination of years of comparing myself to other musicians (BAD!), my relations with friends who have come and gone, and obviously girls… females. As 40 year old Virgin so eloquently put it.. “You can’t put the Pussy on a Pedestal!” That’s like the best shit ever and we (males) all make the mistake at one point in our lives.. I may or may not have made it a few times… Oh well. Time to learn.

So here’s to optimism and saying “I COULD GIVE TWO FUCKS” to whatever threatens or tries to tear me down. Honestly. I know this probably won’t change YOUR life, but this is me saying that it’s time for ME to stop being scared of what may or may not ever exist. Thank you to everyone who is in my life to build me up.

That’s it.

If you wanna buy my first official King Dylan CD release “All Eyes On D”, (it’s so old it’s not on itunes) then you can get it here: http://kingdylanstuff.bigcartel.com/product/king-dylan-cd-s
King Dylan

My top 5 rappers:
1) Tech n9ne
2) Eminem
3) Busta Rhymes
4) Slug (Atmosphere)
5) Tupac

(Ice cube 1988-1996 … COULD have made the list.. but, he lost it)

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