The DC Show returns with HARDCORE-NESS

What a weird year. My last original song release was “Necktie” in November 2013, and before that, my album in March 2013. Since then I’ve been writing a whOooOole bunch, and while I have written a few King Dylan songs, collaborated with Tupelo Honey’s Dan Davidson and his Production partner Ari Rhodes for a couple more tracks, I’m happy to say my P-RHYME-ARY focus since November has been writing & recording new songs with my best friends from High School: GQ, MC Mossberg, and the infamously absent Buttnz.

DC Show

Yes, That’s right, The original Doomsday Cartel has reunited on some music for the first time since 2006. And Heck, it may even be the last time, but let’s not be too hasty. While there were rumblings of a DC Show reunion since March 2013, even some Live Performances, the New Album entitled DRINKOGNITO! is only just nearing completion and release date now. I’m actually REALLY excited to release it, and I was super thankful to be writing more Energetic, aggressive music, as my Solo stuff I’ve released previously was a little more toned-down and heartfelt. HOORAH FOR HARDCORE RAP! I Shouldn’t need to mention this, but I was happy and proud to Produce the entire album myself, with a little help from some excellent Guitar players and Female Singers. Guest Artists and Musicians include Moka Only (formerly of Swollen Members), Erin Porter, Ashla, Myles Olsen (of Penny Fortune), Kyle Heese (of Broken Ride), and Ron Tarrant (of Lost In Film – formerly of Broken Ride)

Look for some Videos soon, and a Fall release date.

Other cool news to report: My Piano Cover for Down With Webster’s “Everybodys Angels” has just surpassed 11,000 views, which makes it my 2nd highest viewed video after the Moves Like Jagr parody. Apparently i have 9Gag, and San Diego Comic-Con to thank for that.

Anyways, More news next time!

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