For those that have been asking, We’re currently in the process of booking more shows for the Spring and Summer! We just played a few fun shows – a HUGE one in Grande Prairie (Mighty Peace Day) and a small little last minute one here in Calgary. We got to make a whole bunch of new friends and young fans and just basically feel like Rock stars for a while. Check out some pics Below…

We also just finished shooting and editing our BRAND NEW MUSIC VIDEO FOR FUCK LAST CALL! It was so much fun, we played Twister and drank Sody Pop and Danced the night away. The video will be out on MARCH 3, 2015! That’s Tuesday morning, people! Fuck Last Call

We also just released to itunes the “Relatively Clean” Version of our album Drinkognito. And heyyy, look since you’re missing out all the bad (fun) words it’s cheaper, and since we’re such nice guys, we’ve included a new version of “Hey Yo” featuring The DC Show’s own MC Mossberg instead of Moka Only (Sorry, pal!). Check that song out here: HEY YO (SUPER FUN MIX) Clean Drinkognito

Last but not least, our amazing new friends at Hazzardous Material did an awesome Album review of DRINKOGNITO and also we sat down with them for a fun Video Interview as well. Thanks so much, Ladies!!

Mighty Peace Day Pics

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