My name is “KING” and I think I’m better than you… clearly

Yesterday, I had another passive aggressive experience regarding the “KING” in my stage name “King Dylan”. Over the years it’s something I’ve dealt with on occasion – whether introducing myself as an artist or people sending me nasty messages – and still have to calm myself down about it afterwards.

I don’t really feel the need to get defensive about it, but just for the record… I don’t think I’m better than anyone else. I don’t like to view human character as being a part of a class system. While I acknowledge that people from varied living circumstances DO think differently, I don’t think any individual is less of a human because of it. Everybody’s got problems, while I understand the difference between priviledge and poverty, I’m not going to judge an individual.

So the next time you wanna scoff or turn your nose up at the “King” in my alias, please understand that the name is derived from “being anything you believe you can be” no matter where you come from. NOTHING to do with Absolute Power and Rule over others.

Thanks to everyone for understanding and to those who didn’t need to read this to understand!

Can’t wait to show you the projects i’ve been working on lately!

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