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KING DYLAN’s energy has been unparalleled in the scene for a decade, whether on stage or in work ethic, as he continues to pump out Alternative Hip-Pop music and videos from his Calgary home base. He once overheard someone describe him as the hyperactive love child of Blink 182, Eminem, and Lady Gaga’s backup dancers, which made him laugh… really loudly. He is an award-winning Music and Video producer, an entertainer of Tyrannosaurian proportions, and a genuine lover of music and life.

He’s good as both a rapper and singer, so it works well, and the sound quality is clean and professional, which should help this alt-rock-rap hybrid appeal to a larger mainstream audience” – EXCLAIM! Magazine (Thomas Quinlan)

The fact that he makes both the serious and celebratory work together and blend seamlessly speaks to how confident he is in the King Dylan skin” – Calgary Herald (Mike Bell)

Recently, King Dylan’s song “Untouchable” received a Video Director of the Year nomination from the 2017 WCMA’s (Breakout West) and took home Pop Recording and Music Video of the Year from the 2017 YYCMA’s (Calgary Music Awards). The song also placed 2nd in the Stagelight Monthly song contest from Linkin Park and Open Labs.

During King Dylan’s musical career he has performed at showcases and festivals like Canadian Music Week, Mighty Peace Day (2013-2017), Lilac Fest, Summer Fling, Blank-Fest, and also was one of the winning recipients in the 2012 Amp Radio Rockstar competitions. He has also written and recorded with Juno Award winners (Swollen Members’ Moka Only and Econoline Crush’s Trevor Hurst), worked with Producers Dale Penner and Chris Burke-Gaffney (Nickelback, Chantal Kreviazuk) and in his different bands shared the stage with well-known acts like Seether, Tech n9ne, Sonreal, Swollen Members, Econoline Crush, Dear Rouge, Shawn Desman, Tyler Shaw, Neverest, Mayday! and many more.

King Dylan placed Top 3 in the John Lennon Song Writing Competition 2012 for his song “Blind Man” and Honourable Mention as a top finalist in 2011’s ISC International Songwriting Competition for his song “Never Walked On The Moon”.

With a discography 10-albums deep, experience and skill have now caught up to the level of energy, motivation and passion showcased in any King Dylan project.

King Dylan has developed a signature style with soulful, catchy melodies – St. Albert Gazette (Anna Borowiecki)

With a killer live performance and a unique combination of musical styles, King Dylan is a force to be reckoned with in the Calgary SceneIndie 403 (Taryn Craig)

A flow of pure energy from all directions” – Earbender YYC (Victoria Cosens)


In 2014 – after 6 years of performing solo, speedskater-turned-musician King Dylan called up his old pals The DC Show to release a wicked and unruly new Hip Hop album called Drinkognito. Their third album as a group is an aggressive and musically mature return to the rap game after each member had been dabbling in solo projects and Rock bands for many years. Much like the styles of Hollywood Undead or Kottonmouth Kings, The DC Show has taken Beastie Boys fun rock energy, mixed it with Eminem’s passion and skill and then added pinch of Weird Al’s humour. “you can hear it on the album, with the four of them casually and seamlessly exchanging verses over their West Coast hip-hop sound that also works in their ’90s rock upbringing” -Mike Bell (Calgary Herald).

Originally formed in Edmonton while the group was in High School over 15 years ago, most of the Rap-Pack now resides in Calgary, and the long-awaited reunion has brought back the buzz, proving this as Drinkognito cracked the Top 50 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts in the first two days. Head Producer and Rapper King Dylan laces the new album with uptempo, theatrical soundscapes while his best friends and talented emcees GQ, MC Mossberg, and Buttnz add their voices to the mix, only making the album even more appealing to all varieties of Hip Hop and Rock listeners.

The fact they they’re all different… only makes the band that much stronger” -Mike Bell (Calgary Herald)

In their collective careers, including all their solo and side projects, they have done nothing except loved what they do and never quit. They have gone into extreme debt just for the chance to have toured across Canada and back, released a whopping 10 albums. Played for five people and thousands of people, played at Canadian Music Week for 4 years, Mighty Peace Day in 2013 and 2015 and many other festivals, received FACTOR grants, won Newcap Radio funding, shared the stage and collaborated on songs with Juno Award winners/nominees Swollen Members, Sonreal, Moka Only, and received light to medium rotation on Contemporary Hit Radio in several places across Canada.

When [The DC Show] are being clever and creative, they succeed with flying colours. Dylan’s production is crisp, clean and professional-sounding — the type of beats likely to get them radio play.” – Thomas Quinlan (EXCLAIM Magazine)



King Dylan – Die Tomorrow (2017)
King Dylan – Raw (Acoustic EP) (2016)
The D.C. Show – Drinkognito (2014)
King Dylan – Looking For The Sun (2013)
King Dylan – Dinosaurs On Broadway (2012)
King Dylan – Disheartened (2010)
The D.C. Show – Bizarremageddon (2008)
GQ & King Dylan – Afterlife (2006)
The D.C. Show – Smacked By Popular Demand (2006)
King Dylan – All Eyes On D (2005)