Aug 9 2013

I don’t have a band. I am drummer-less

I’m playing a show tonight at an All out ROCK N ROLL venue called Rock Lounge (Studio 37). Some of you older peeps might remember it as Rusty Cage, behind Westbrook Mall.

Anyway, the promoter there was bugging me to play a show for the last year or so, I told him I don’t have a full band, so he hesitated and I never played. He kept asking me if I’d rounded up a drummer and guitarist yet, and I said, I have a temporary guitarist that might be able to fill in on some songs.. he said… Gee, Dylan, really would like that Drummer, ya know?.. I’m like, yo. don’t have a Jam Space, probably not gonna happen…. as those that have seen me play before know, I rock my keyboard, with an amp and I play my tracks from the keyboard USB.

The story continues, this band from Van city named Cruel Young Heart asks me to play a show, they book Studio 37 and the venue approves it…. What I’m wondering is that if they think I have a full band now? I didn’t wanna tell them in case they said I couldn’t play the show due to this lack of drummer issue…

So, I’m gonna show up to this venue and try to play anyways. See what happens. Wish me luck!!