Nov 13 2017

MY BIRTHDAY SHOW! @The Rec Room – Calgary

Really appreciating all the love on my new video for Carry On! (Click for link)

This Saturday I’m playing a show for my birthday! The awesome people at The Rec Room decided to host this one for me, so we’re going to celebrate my 35th with a Hippedy Hoppin, Party rockin’ Eargasm of live music. Opening the show will be my boy Zach Taylor, then A.Y.E. and the Extraordinary Gentleman, and finally I’ll be headlining with my band! Yep! 2nd time you get to see me play with a drummer and guitarist with myself on keys!

it’s Free! Show starts at 9pm. CHECK OUT THE FACEBOOK EVENT HERE

Nov 2 2017

Just like an Airplane, I “Carry On”!

This video likely won’t win me any awards or make me famous…

But it makes me feel free.

It reminds me that no matter what is thrown your way, no matter what people think of you, no matter who leaves you or who you decide to kick out of your spaceship – you have to carry on and live your life… with love and enthusiasm!

So I went on a couple adventures and my friend/filmmaker Braeden Riehl helped me document it. After a spontaneous solo trip to New York to visit a good friend and go exploring, Braeden and I took off to Vancouver, British Columbia and back through the Okanagan. We let our energy guide us on a free-spirited adventure with only a few goals in mind. One being playing the show I had booked in Vancity at the Hindenburg, another being jumping off shit into some water, and lastly, getting as much of it on film as necessary (and somehow squeezing enough of it into some sort of cohesive and relevant Music Video).

I hope you enjoy it. I hope it inspires you. I hope you make time to love yourself and the world you live in. I hope it makes you smile.

Listen to “Carry On” from my Die Tomorrow album on
or read along with all the wonderful lyrics with my CD

May 6 2017

It’s NOW – “Die Tomorrow” CD Release show!

It’s May 6th! That means I’m officially releasing my album tonight at The Gateway (SAIT bar)! I have a Live band with me and some awesome special guests, like The DC Show, Kayla Mackenzie, Chapter, and the opening support from White Chocolate Thunder and Widmore Come check it out!

Tickets still available at the door!!

Oh Ps. did you hear I was nominate for Video Director of the year at the WCMA’s? Unreal!!

Special thanks to Mike Bell and TheYYSCENE for this awesome article and album review:


And if you don’t have the album yet…




Feb 4 2017

UNTOUCHABLE – New Single + Video FEB 10.

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to or why I haven’t posted in the last three months, I’m pretty excited about my new release coming out THIS FRIDAY – February 10. Conveniently scheduled the same day as the Lego Batman Movie because, of course, my video is a LEGO STOP-MOTION ANIMATION!   WOOOOOO!!!  So excited. The full video will be on Youtube and Facebook, with the single being released on itunes, apple music, Spotify, and all the big ones.

Check out my KING DYLAN FANPAGE to see the video “Untouchable Teaser”

And for anyone in the Calgary area who needs to see me live, I’m opening for Juno-Award winner SHAWN DESMAN at Marquee on Thursday February 16th.  Should be fun!  Click here for TICKETS



Mar 29 2016

“RAW” Acoustic EP Out Now!

Hooray! At long last my project was released! So far I’ve been hearing great things, and thanks to Mike Bell in the Calgary Herald, a bit more credibility to this release. You can read that Herald article HERE.

If you want to hear the full album you can purchase the CD exclusively at my online store HERE.

If you’re an itunes kinda person you can download it from itunes HERE

If you rock that Spotify business check me out here.

Hope you like it! Let me know! Send me an email or Facebook message or something. Cheers!

Raw Album Cover

Oct 27 2014

Doomsday Returns – is Drinkognito DC Show’s best release ever?

Sometimes it’s pretty hard to build hype for a band that hasn’t been active together for around 6 years. Let alone a group that never really “made it” anywhere outside of Local Music status. But after years of trying different things with my solo thing, playing in a Rock Band, and whatever collaboration came my way… The DC Show’s “Drinkognito” CD release party on Saturday night felt like we were bigger than we EVER were.

Maybe it was because I’ve been talking about it for almost a year, maybe it was because of the Never Heroes Music video I released, maybe it was because we hit #43 in the Itunes Hip Hop Charts on day 2 of our release, maybe it was because of the Calgary Herald article…

Oh yeah, In case you missed it, we were in the Calgary Herald on Saturday morning, thanks to an awesome interview with Mike Bell over lunch and beers. Read This Shit

To sum it up, on Saturday evening at Vagabond Beerworks We were able to round up a whole shitload of people to come out and party with us, thanks to all our friends, family, and fans, not to mention Iron Lion and his crew of supporters, and Lyka Fox who seem to impress everyone they play for!

Our friends at Podcasts also have been helping us build some hype by inviting us on their show for a few fun times, including drinking and chatting about the album, and our influences and just regular, everyday awesome shit.

After our show, they posted this review of their DC Show CD Release experience, because they are fuckin awesome and they like to do awesome shit.

Next Sunday, Nov. 2nd, we will be hitting up DJ Cosm’s show Mental Illness on CJSW 90.9FM at 4pm for a little interview and music. If you wanna turn off Drinkognito for a moment during that time to flip on the radio, that would be an acceptable excuse.

It’s now late Sunday night (early monday morning), we’ve had a day to relax and count our blessings, and I’m going to go to bed, back to my “real” job for another work week, but still flying high from the amazing feeling this weekend that took years to build up, and we will try to keep our wings flapping into the new year!

-King Dylan on behalf of GQ, MC Mossberg, and Buttnz
The DC Show

DC Show Herald

Aug 8 2014

Ice Cube told me to “Turn Off The Radio”

Before he became a Disney Dad, 90’s Gangsta Rap was defined and influenced greatly by the one and only Ice Cube. Through aggression and controversy, Much of his work with NWA and his Solo work is still quoted today, “Fuck tha Police”, “A Bitch is a Bitch”, the deeper-yet-easygoing “Today is A Good Day”, “Check Yo Self” … before you Wriggidy-Wreck yourself (*nudge nudge* Das EFX), but this week I’d like to draw from a track called “Turn Off The Radio”.

A lot of discussion has been going on in the Radio world, specifically Calgary, regarding the format change at AMP Radio. For those that haven’t heard, or noticed, they are playing MORE songs, but at a shortened length using “QuickHitz”. In some cases, they just cut the song short, in others they rearrange the song, so they can still cut the repetitive parts out, but still keep all the “changes” in the song (ie, verse, prechorus, chorus, bridge).

Anyway, Is this actually a bad thing? As a songwriter/song listener, my initial reaction is HECK YES. They are ruining the songs, changing the arrangement, appealing to the short attention span of today’s youth, and making music feel more worthless than it already has become. If it catches on, this will only make pop music attempt to appeal to this Market and write even shorter, more meaningless songs. Sad day.

On the other hand, I don’t give a shit. I NEVER listen to the radio… except when I’m forced. Neither does most of the people I’ve seen talking about it on Facebook, etc. MY songs don’t get played on the Radio. The majority of people get their music from Youtube, when they want it on their ipod they download the full versions from Itunes. I recall someone referencing the movie Demolition Man, where in the Future the Radio’s Popular station only plays Commercial “oldies”. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days and given the Market of the Music Industry, It’s not REALLY hurting the musicians. They’ll still get their Royalties (potentially even more) and if the listener actually appreciates the band or the song, they’ll pay for it and download it from itunes or get the CD (I’m old, I know), and then go to the Live show when they come to town (Which I hear is where the real money is still being made).

As a sometimes foul-mouthed Rapper, I’m all too familiar with knowing I have to make “Radio Edits” of songs if I swear, or appealing to a certain standard time-limit of songs. Even Eminem’s 6-minute long “Stan” was shortened for the Music Video 15 years ago, and although it seems kinda lame, it made sense. And knowing that this “shortened” song change is happening, I wouldn’t mind shortening something – if I were to get Radio play – as long as I get to shorten and Edit it MYSELF. A part of the issue I’m feeling from this is because in some cases they are changing the ARRANGEMENT of the song, which to me, is an important part in the songwriting process.

Now, I’ve been to a lot of Hip Hop/Rap shows, and it REALLY kinda gets under my skin when rappers only perform the first or second verse of their song and then “BLAM! BLAM!” the DJ plays a gunshot sound and they move on to the next song. It’s kind of the same thing with Radio, and TOTALLY opposite from Rock bands who Jam out at a Live Show for 6 extra minutes with additional acoustic Breakdowns and Solos in their Epic Masterpiece that’s been overplayed on the Radio 4 billion times.

And those saying it’s the “Younger Generations” fault because they have no attention span? FUuuuuck that, You know you have an ADD friend YOUR AGE who would play songs on the Stereo in your Car and switch it to the next one after the first Chorus. So annoying right? Well now Amp Radio is that Friend.

I’m not usually one to Harp too hard about change in the world, because it happens and sometimes there’s no stopping it, for better or for worse. Maybe it’ll catch on, maybe it won’t, maybe AMP Radio will die just like Much Music and no one will actually care. But I know for a fact Musicians will still be making 3-4 minute long songs, College Radio will still be playing full versions, and Pop Radio will still be super snobby about what they decide to play or not play, and still overplay the shit out of songs 6 months past their shelf-life.

I will still Buy CD’s and download the full songs from Itunes and listen to the songs I Like Front to Back.

So here’s what I think…

“Turn off the Radio! Turn Off That Bullshit”

(Thanks, Mr. Cube).

Ice Cube

Jul 24 2013

“QUEEN” Music Video is out now!!

Hey, I’ll tell you a secret! My video is out now! Be share to share it wherever you can!!

Mar 1 2013

Excitement and Awesome things…

So, today is the day of my Calgary CD Release party. Needless to say I’m already excited for tonight.

On top of this, My music video for “Blind Man” seems to be doing pretty well, been getting lots of great feedback, and YES, I am a painter as well. If you haven’t seen it yet, I think you’ll enjoy it! (just click the underlined words for links!)

Feb. 22nd Show in Edmonton was a blast, as usual.. My best friends came out, my family, and more!! so all in all, good fun. Shout out to Boombox Saints, Jaide, Lovely, and The Haven Social Club. Might I also add there was a DC Show reunion?! The original cast, of course… MC Mossberg, King Dylan and.. B-b-b-b-b-BUTTNZ

Yesterday was pretty interesting… 185 people (and counting) on Facebook expressed their “liking” of my Article in the Calgary Herald (Thanks to Mike Bell for the excellent interview). It was so awesome, and felt all warm and fuzzy… n stuff n junk. Read the article here… “MUSICIAN FINDS MOMENT IN THE SUN
See the picture?? King Dylan - Calgary Herald

And today, to top it all off, I was just announced as one of the winners in the Hip Hop Category for 2012 John Lennon Songwriting Competition. All i can say is… ummmm WOW. :D See HERE

Anyway, I need food, so I’ll see you tonight at The HUB Calgary! I’ll be on last so don’t you dare leave before midnight!

Feb 6 2013

NEW ALBUM +VIDEO “Looking For the Sun” – Feb 19th

Hey everyone, It’s been a while since I’ve updated this page, but I’ve got good news!

If you haven’t been staying up to date through my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram then I should probably let you know that I have a brand new album + music video that will be available February 19th through my online store and itunes, amazon, spotify, etc.

I’m really excited about this album, my singing has gotten better so i’m proud to show off some of my new skills. Hahaha. the first single “Blind man” will be available to view on youtube at midnight (MST) Feb 19th

So far I have TWO CD Release parties:

Friday, February 22nd, 2013
The Haven Social Club
Doors at 8pm
Advance Tickets available HERE

Friday, March 1st, 2013
The HUB (Mount Royal Bar)
Doors at 9pm
Advance Tickets available HERE

And I will also be showcasing in TORONTO for Canadian Music Week

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013
Annex WreckRoom
9pm (that’s when I go on stage)
Advance Tickets available HERE

Calgary CD Release Party
Edmonton CD Release Party