Aug 16 2013

Superman can’t get Parking Tickets

Some Alien with superpowers who doesn’t need a car and can run faster than a bullet and fly everywhere will never get a parking ticket. This is obvious. I won’t explain that any further. But last wednesday I got a parking ticket in Downtown Calgary. Even funnier because on Sunday I got a speeding ticket. (Someone take me off the road already, I’m a terror to society).

“Dylan, you suck, what does this have to do with Superman?!” – you

On Wednesday I was downtown for one reason only, and that was for a photoshoot with photographer Jalisa Organ. (She’s pretty darn good and just getting things going, so you should look her up on facebook.) Anyway, one of the photos is like a photo I would send in to Warner Brothers in hopes to be the next Superman. I mean, I definitely would NOT get the part, because CLEARLY, I’m meant to be the next Bruce Wayne (Still waiting on Zack Snyder’s phone call for the Batman vs Superman casting) … But for real, My HAIR is very Clark Kenty and I think that’s the closest I’m ever gonna get to becoming the Man of Steel… *heavy sigh*

SO here’s to Paying vehicle fines and wishing I was a superhero.

I actually really liked how the pictures turned out, You can view a few of them on my Facebook Fan Page here

Man of Steel

Oct 20 2010

Be more interesting, Dylan!

Okay, i willlll….
But first… Check out my new album cover!

Disheartened Album Cover

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Hmmmm what else… I like tea and chocolate and stuff.

on Halloween I’m rocking in Cranbrook, BC With Satori Life, Dan Major & Stanton, Sleeping With Tuesday, and DJ Sean!
I think I’m dressing up as Clark Kent, due to my love for Smallville… you think i can pull it off?? Clark Kent

Also, I will be rocking in Edmonton on November 27th at Hooliganz Pub with the largest (pun-intended) fastest-growing Hip Hop group in Canada… The Scale Breakers… Check the FlyerScalebreakers Show

OH YEAH, and for those that missed my All Ages show with Transit, check out the Live Videos HERE … here’s a fun one.

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