Nov 4 2010

New Single Release on My Birthday – Nov. 16th!

The day i become one year older, good things will happen.

My new music video and single will be released on itunes on Nov. 16th!

That night, I will be playing a show at RadioPark (2-8989 Macleod Trail SW) here in Calgary to celebrate with my friends Satori Life, Dan Major & Stanton, Suicide Doorz, and Conscience!

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Birthday Show!

If you miss that, Calgary, I’ll be playing a few songs on Nov. 25th @ Vern’s Tavern with The Scale Breakers and 4 billion other local artists…

I can’t wait for my birthday!!

Oct 20 2010

Be more interesting, Dylan!

Okay, i willlll….
But first… Check out my new album cover!

Disheartened Album Cover

King Dylan “I’m So Cool!” T-shirts are now available for sale in my store!! BUY THEM HERE

Hmmmm what else… I like tea and chocolate and stuff.

on Halloween I’m rocking in Cranbrook, BC With Satori Life, Dan Major & Stanton, Sleeping With Tuesday, and DJ Sean!
I think I’m dressing up as Clark Kent, due to my love for Smallville… you think i can pull it off?? Clark Kent

Also, I will be rocking in Edmonton on November 27th at Hooliganz Pub with the largest (pun-intended) fastest-growing Hip Hop group in Canada… The Scale Breakers… Check the FlyerScalebreakers Show

OH YEAH, and for those that missed my All Ages show with Transit, check out the Live Videos HERE … here’s a fun one.

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